Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Vinegar removes cat urine odor

Aurora is a 13-year-old cat with a bad attitude and an even worse habit of urinating on anything soft left on the floor, or sometimes even on the rug. She isn't sick, the veterinarian said. She's just mad or the cat box isn't clean enough for her royal highness' taste. Having two small children, things get left out...a lot.

My husband says he always smells cat urine. He smells it more than I do because I rarely leave the house and am probably used to the odor. It really bothers him to the point he wants to have Aurora euthanized. I love the cat and don't want her put down, so I have been desperately searching for ways to fix the problem. I turned to Pinterest, and found that vinegar helps neutralize the odor of cat urine.

I set to work on the rug in my daughter's room, where Aurora had urinated at least once on the corner. I dumped the Febreze out of its spray bottle into a couple of glasses, poured vinegar into the bottle, and emptied the bottle on the rug. That was yesterday. Today it is a bit damp and smells like a pickle, but I can't detect the faintest hint of cat urine, and my husband can't either.

To wash the jacket and doll clothes she urinated on, I followed another pinner's recommendation to add apple cider vinegar to the wash and launder as usual. This worked like a charm. Nothing else has ever worked, and we have had this cat for a long time, so I've tried a lot. I'm impressed!

Read the original pinned post at Apartment Therapy.

The verdict: Vinegar for cat urine is a pinning win!

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