Sunday, March 25, 2012

A festive St. Patrick's Day with Shamrock Shakes, green beer and corned beef and cabbage rolls

I'm a week behind on this one. Something about not having my precious phone puts me in a pouty mood. When I'm in a pouty mood, I shouldn't blog. I've got my phone back and have been happily blogging away today.

For St. Patrick's Day, I made corned beef and cabbage rolls. I found the recipe a while back on Pinterest. Oh. My. God. They were amazing! I never eat fried stuff because it kind of grosses me out, but this? Simply amazing. Oh sure, I had a hell of a time finding egg roll wrappers. How was I supposed to know they have to be refrigerated and would be in the refrigerated produce section? I had been staring at a tiny space devoted to Asian foods in an ethnic aisle for what could have been 15 minutes. I could have asked for help, but there wasn't an employee in sight, and I was lugging two small children around, and they were getting tired. I did find someone to point me in the right direction eventually, and I got some Melissa's brand eggroll wrappers.

Back to St. Patrick's Day--my little family went out to run a few errands and on our way back home we all got McDonald's Shamrock Shakes. A little piece of heaven. I want one now, just thinking about it. Then after I sucked down my shake and what was left of my daughter's shake, I got to work on those tasty little corned beef and cabbage rolls.

I made a huge mess as I always do when working with cabbage. Cabbage just gets everywhere when you're cutting it. Or, it does for me. I just make a mess when I cook anything. ANYTHING, I tell you. My husband ran to the liquor store to buy some whiskey for himself and some beer for me. I drank green beer while I made these rolls. I was feeling very festive. That may have contributed to the mess. I was also listening to Milli Vanilli radio on Pandora. I just thought you should know that.

Sprouts was out of Monterey jack cheese, which is what the recipe calls for, so I bought colby jack and figured it was close enough. To save time, I bought corned beef from the deli. Instead of bagged cole slaw, I bought a small head of cabbage. It was cheaper that way.

It took a while, but I got them all wrapped and fried. I served them with thousand island dressing (my favorite!). And then I moved on to make oatmeal cookies while a little bit tipsy. The corned beef and cabbage rolls were a hit with everyone except my son, who is weird. If you're not counting calories, give these a try.

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