Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Can you regrow green onions?

I bought some organic green onions a few weeks ago, but I forgot to chop them up to put on the Southwestern casserole I made, so the onions just sat in the fridge until I could figure out what to make with them--if I got around to it before they rotted.

But last Tuesday I saw this pin that says you can regrow green onions. I dug out the green onions and chopped off the green part and put the bulbs in a jar of water, as the blogger says to do (you can also plant them in soil, which would probably increase the number of times you can regrow). It's supposed to take two to three weeks. It's been one week, and I've taken photos of the growth during the past week. Check it out.

I apologize for the bad photographs. I'm a terrible photographer. Maybe I should look up photography tips for the novice on Pinterest.

When they finish growing, I have big plans for these little green onions. I like to make Gina's (of Skinnytaste fame) carne guisada, and that recipe calls for a bunch of green onions.

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