Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring clean your mattress.

I saw this idea from Make it Do pinned a few days ago but had recently washed my sheets, so I meant to get back to it. Of course I forgot until last night when a diaper malfunctioned in the bed. Our daughter sleeps in our bed with us. She refuses to sleep anywhere else. Don't judge.

This morning I stripped the sheets and the mattress cover off to wash them, and looked up the pin and repinned it onto my "Cleaning" board. My strainer is still in the dishwasher from making refried beans yesterday (another blog post to come), so I just sprinkled the baking soda directly onto the mattress. I am also out of lavender essential oil, so I used tea tree oil instead.

After allowing the baking soda to do its job for a couple of hours, I vacuumed the mattress. I had help.

I have to say--I am impressed! It smells so much fresher in there. The tea tree oil scent is there, but it's not terribly strong. It just smells clean, and that is hard to accomplish when the entire family sleeps in that room. Give it a try! It works.

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